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Allover application

August 21, 2008

I was looking for a possibility to use these wonderful quilting quality (light weight) fabrics for clothing. And one solution is: allover application (how I call it).

Instead of applicating a motif I applicated a whole piece of fabric with Vliesofix. I´m not good in explaining but if you look at the picture I think you understand what I mean.

It worked very well! The Vliesofix did not adhere as good as with smaller pieces of fabric but I have the feeling it was still important to use. Try it!

Little sweety is not here to try on, but I´m optimistic it´ll fit :)

Kokka´s “Sweet Farm” fabric bought here at ebay. I was a bit pissed (sorry but I was) `cause some days after I ordered she got in this fabric but in brighter green colours. I would have liked that one better – bad luck!

“French Terry” from SewZanne´s for the rest of the top (also under the farm fabric). Quite expensive to ship because heavy, but I think it should be similar quality as “Sweat Frottee” at Micha´s Stoffecke. I will try, as I think it is a good quality for autumn/winter shirts.

Pattern is own, but inspired by this one.


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