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At the beginning Sara created an application

August 21, 2008

My first application. Thanks to great guides like here in Swedish and here in German that was no major problem. (To be sure I did the application first and then did the sewing) But suddenly sewing a shirt WAS a major problem. I don´t know what was the problem. The serger didn´t like me, the fabric for lining (too stretchy) didn´t like me, the twin-needle didn´t like me. In total I think I had this shirt for 3 weeks in my UFO-box. But now it´s done and I don´t care that it´s not perfect :)

By the way it´s an elephant ;) (or a mouse with a trunk) On the backside there is the same application just smaller, inspired by Roommate´s shirts.

The pattern for the application I took from a fabric I´ve put up (stapled over an old frame) in little sweety´s room. I pictured the piece of fabric, printed it and brought it to the size I wanted with the scanner or by hand.

Last but not least I provide you with some live-pix built together on an apple to a slide-show. Making things like that on an apple is as easy as purchasing milk ;)

The Hawaii-pants are also a creation of mine, but done long before my blogging-life.


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