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I´m moving

October 23, 2008

First there is a village….

then there is a street….

and finally an old house which still needs more renovation.

Animated by Helena who showed her sewing space at her home I´ll show you mine. Like it was the last months – ´cause I´m moving!!

I´m sitting in the living room. We have a quite small house and there is no space elsewhere.

My machines: Singer Overlock 14SH754 and Singer Cosmo 7442. Overall I´m quite happy with the machines, but would probably buy others with today´s knowledge.

There are fabrics and notions in all the boxes but also outside…

I´m staying in the same village, in the same house, but due to a certain reason I´ll get a new sewing space!

In about a week or two I´ll show it here. In the meantime I´m forced to pack all my stuff and will not be able to do some sewing….

I might still write some posts….. see you then!

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  1. October 23, 2008 4:32 pm

    Ska bli kul att se hur då får i din nya syhörna! Ser ju i och för sig bra ut nu också men kan man få ett eget rum/avdelning så är det ju så klart mycket bättre!

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