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MacBook Sleeve

April 19, 2009

Got this message via chat last Thursday from my father…

“önskar mig ett MacBook Air-fodral i ikke tikke theo stil i födelsedagspresent?”

translation: “want an ikke tikke theo-style MacBook Air-sleeve for my B-day?”

First problem: I don´t think there is an ikke tikke theo-style.

Second problem: his B-day was Friday.

Here´s the solution….



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  1. Sister S permalink
    April 20, 2009 8:23 pm

    I look at this pic and all your creations (also the one I am going to wear tomorrow :) and think: there definitely is an ikke-tikke-theo-style!!!!! What are you talking about??? It’s unique and beautiful – you really sew things your way and still match the things you sew for somebody with their personality. That sleeve is so our dad – in ikke-tikke-theo-Sara-style! luv ya lots! See you friday!!!! :) Jag hittar inga bamse-plåster…. :) kanske imorgon! Kramkram!


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