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Making me wanna puke

August 15, 2010

Two days ago I watched an episode of the Swedish Hollywoodwives (Swedish reality show with swedish women who live i LA and are rich – very popular show in Sweden). Of course all the women are doing charity. They showed one of them walking into a store buying toys for a children´s home. She got 20% off and paid 371 US$. 371!!

This woman uses to travel with private jet! Can you imagine how much 371 bucks are for her??? It´s like I´m buying myself a chewing gum! It´s bullshit – nada – nill!! And she isn´t embarassed showing that on tv?! Telling she´s a “good person” byuing chewing gum for kids who need love, understanding and someone who cares for them??

I want to puke.

So and this gives me sleepless nights since 2 days ´cause it remembers me so much of people in my closer surrounding who feel good if they´ve bought me chewing gum. The coolness with which they face my desperation makes me wanna puke too.

A Moslem once said to me “If you don´t give something that hurts, something you actually don´t want to give, it´s nothing worth”.

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